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Digging Deep
The Reason Why
Rishi's Garden
Exhaling Peace
A Calcutting Remark
"…haunting riffs, arresting rhythms, and passionate improvisational exchanges
in trio and duo formats." - Ed Kopp All About Jazz Click for Full Article

Total Immersion
Restless Traveller
Raga Charukeshi
Love Song
Tabla Solo

GANGA - Bringing It Home
released in 2011

Intro to Chal Mini
Chal Mini song

Raga Bhairavi
Raga Bhimpalashri

Released in 2008 - "Setting Down Roots"
The Roy family group "Ganga"
- Music of Bengal.
Live at the National Folk Festival
"My Blackened Heart"


With Debiprasad Chatterjee. Raga Malkaus - fast movement (gat).
With Debiprasad Chatterjee. Raga Sindhu Bhairav - medium tempo (medium gat).
Sanatan Das Baul One of India's most famous wandering minstrels - accompanied by 14 year old Broto.
Guitarist Paul Bollenback's "Soul Grooves" (Challenge Rec.) - Broto with P.B.; Joey DeFrancesco, organ and Jeff "Tain" Watts, drums
Grammy nominee Gaurav Mazumdar on sitar accompanied by Broto.
Sanjay Mishra and Broto from his album "The Crossing"