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Raga-Jazz to Indian Classical tabla and Folk to Bengali soul, Broto Roy declares a pluralistic, knowledge-based vision for global unity in the 21st century. We are all one; we are all linked inextricably - life is about building bridges (not walls) over rivers of time. Stand up and fight by exposing & educating. What the Buddha found, we can find. We are only as great as the doors we open. We make music to share. Multiply, not divide. Music, not genres, is my motto. Aloha and Namaste. All are welcome.

"All Barriers Fall" on iTunes and Amazon   Broto's all original Indian influenced Chamber Jazz is on Worldwide rotation '19 - '20 including Track #1 "Disciple" on Finland National Public TV  Finland 4/1/19

With the new album I'd like to make a reference to "May you live in interesting times" which is a reference to the supposed ancient Chinese curse, but it's also a dog whistle to people who are feeling apocalyptic about the state of the world; environmentally, politically and spiritually. (Continued)

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The Kennedy Center, Washington DC; The Smithsonian Institution’s Freer and Sackler Galleries of Asian Art; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City; National Sawdust, Brooklyn; Knitting Factory, New York City; The Kitchen, NYC;The Dallas Opera, Dallas Texas; Kerrville Folk Festival Texas; Musiques du Monde, Morocco; Volkerkrund Museum Berlin, Germany; India; National Folk Festivals: Lowell Massachusetts; Michigan; Ohio; 3G Garcia Festival, Wisconsin; Smithsonian Folklife festivals: 2010; DC Jazz Festival; Baltimore Museum of Art; Washington Square Church, NYC; Knitting Factory, New York City; Colgate U; SUNY, Syracuse NY; Elmira College, NY; St. John’s U; Boom Boom Room, San Francisco, California; Reston Festival; U of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg; Virginia Polytechnic Institute; U of Virginia, Charlottesville; New Jersey: Seton Hall U; Georgetown U, Washington, DC; Penn State U, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania; South Carolina U, Columbia; Mount Holyoke Connecticut; Bicentennial Festival of the Constitution, Philadelphia Pennsylvania; The Kitchen, New York City; Virginia Festival. Worldwide Radio & TV Interviews: Voice of America; CNN, Finland yle1 TV; Stockholm, Sweden and many more.

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